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Premium event management in Hungary
We work hard to create the best programmes for you, so we only work with venues and service providers that are reliable and of the highest quality! See our latest and trendiest offers.
Team-building near Budapest
All-day team building in Herceghalom
For groups of 30-100 people, we recommend the 4-star hotel near Budapest and our programs with full of mental and physical challenges, games and team spirit building games! Details
Exclusive team-building in Hungary
Exclusive team building at Lake Balaton
As an autumn or spring activity, we recommend this beautiful historic hotel and an adventure game to match the location, which will not only bring your colleagues closer together, but will also provide excitement and fun. Details
Historical corporate events Hungary
Costume team building in the Castle of Count György Károlyi
For one night, we'll go back in time to the early 19th century and throw an unforgettable party with a candlelit dinner and an exciting game! We provide unlimited use of a selfie camera to capture the moments!
Team building in the nature
Uninterrupted tranquility in the Börzsöny
Get away from the hustle and bustle of the world? We know a place where even mobile phones don't work!:-) In this place no one and nothing can disturb your team building games and you can party in peace, without the other guests turning off the music at midnight!
Corporate XMAS party in Hungary
Christmas offer
At the end of a hard and successful year, everyone deserves fun! We offer you a snowy landscape and a brand new hotel with a little exercise and a great party. Details
Premium brunch in Budapest
Business breakfast at Gundel
A brunch with management or business partners outside the workplace can be a refreshing break from everyday life. We recommend our program mainly for celebrations or to discuss sensitive topics! Details
Team building in Sopron Hungary
Let's go on an adventure in Sopron
Sopron ranks second in the country in terms of the number of monuments to be found. Take your staff to this beautiful city, we'll take care of the program and the perfect accommodation. Details
Corporate team building with animals Budapest
Team building in a different way
Why not help others while having fun ourselves? We offer a unique opportunity!
Dinner for your premium clients
The Royal Dinner
Designed to dazzle key business partners and top executives, every moment of this program is about exclusivity and luxury!
The offers are guidelines and examples, of course we can also meet your individual needs, contact us!