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The introduction of a new product or service does not start with the launch. Economic calculations, market research and positioning prior to introducing it to the public and other marketing activities. At the product launch, we present the finished and marketable product, highlighting all its benefits, so that the first encounter with the product evokes positive feelings and emotions from the customers/retailers.
Although our company specializes in events, we also have considerable experience in the early stages of product launch. This includes graphic design, printing, social media, advertising photography, commercial film production, etc. With all this knowledge, we can take responsibility for the complete product launch, so you don't have to deal with different professionals separately!
The product presentation is adapted to the product, both on the design and on the budget side. What does this mean? Depending on the marketing costs and the positioning of the product, we will determine the most suitable location for the presentation, if necessary, we will build a set, a catwalk, we will adapt the furnishings to the product, so that you will have a truly harmonious and impressive overall image, which will help to create a positive attitude towards the product.

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