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Our most valuable type of event is the professional conference. Partly because a lot of information is exchanged, and partly because it gives people working in the same profession the opportunity to network and have personal conversations. These events are easy to sponsor, and we can give participants a direct insight into the products and services of the profession. We will also take care of finding sponsors and commissioning them!
Depending on the budget and sponsorship, conferences can range from the simple to the truly extravagant ones. It can be a professional consultation for a few people in a premium venue or a congress for up to several thousand people with stage, sound and lighting equipment and LED walls. We also collect and put together the presentations, so you don't have to worry about that!
At the moment, online conferences are common, but we can also spice them up. With a registration system, by moving the speakers online, we can organize an enjoyable conference to meet all your needs, although unfortunately face-to-face meetings are not possible, but the communication and information flow is guaranteed! If live conferencing is again permitted, security will be provided. In addition to equipping the venue with adequate spacing, providing outsourced disinfection stations and pre-filtration, we also have our own professional air disinfection system to continuously disinfect the air in the room.

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